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Yellow, Black & Hot Pink: A Sweet Combination!

Hello beautiful ones!  I pray that you’re doing exceedingly well!

One of this season’s Pantone colors is yellow. The moment I found out I was jumping around like a kid!  Yep, you guessed it…yellow is one of my favorite colors, along with green, pink, white, and a few more.

Moving along, I started searching high & low for anything & everything yellow.  I spotted this gorgeous dress while shopping at Zara.  If you could have seen how fast my legs ran to try it on you would have laughed until you cried.  Seriously, that’s how much I loved this dress.  I mean, look at it; it’s on trend in every way for this season.  Ruffles?  Check!  A little skin showing? Check!  Pantone color? Check!  Feminine cut & shape?  Check!  Zara truly hit a homerun with this dress.

Not everyone can wear yellow sadly. For some it really washes them out. If you like yellow, I encourage you to play with different shades of yellow until you find the right one to compliment your skin tone. If you’re not a big fan of yellow but would like to indulge in the trend a tad simply accessorize with pops of yellow. Luckily for me, my skin tone does well with most vibrant colors…I’m such a Vivrant Thing!

As you can see I took the plunge with this dress.  Since the ribbon in the back area is black I decided to pair it with an awesome designer bag from Stylewe and some gorgeous black double side ball earrings I purchased on Amazon – all the girls in London are wearing them & even Rihanna!!!  To add a little spicy-ness, I paired my HOT pink faux suede pumps from JustFab.

My boyfriend hated the dress when I showed it to him after trying it on for him after I purchased it; he couldn’t see my vision, but after I styled it he got it.  So, what do you think?  Homerun or nah?







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Photos by:  Visuals by JM

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