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How To Wear The Pajama Trend

Hello beautiful ones! I pray that you’re doing exceedingly well! Y’all know I love everything fashion, but I was not feeling the pajama trend. Actually, I posted a video stating that the closest I was getting to the pajama trend was a pair of pants I picked up at Ann Taylor. I mean, I’m a […]

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Take a Few Fashion Chances!

Hello beautiful ones!  I pray that you’re doing exceedingly well! Stepping outside of your fashion comfort zone can be difficult if you have no idea where to start. Like other things in life, believe it or not, when it comes to style, we all have our own convenient place as well. Maybe you don’t notice […]

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Yellow, Black & Hot Pink: A Sweet Combination!

Hello beautiful ones!  I pray that you’re doing exceedingly well! One of this season’s Pantone colors is yellow. The moment I found out I was jumping around like a kid!  Yep, you guessed it…yellow is one of my favorite colors, along with green, pink, white, and a few more. Moving along, I started searching high […]

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Bible Verse of the Day
Sin is not ended by multiplying words, but the prudent hold their tongues.
  • 2017
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